How to (not) let go

First of all for the sake of missinterpretations and applications, I'm gonna refer in the list below as "it" not "him" nor "her", just "it", so here it goes. Of all the things you should do to forget and get over something (someone) aren't these:

  1. Think about it. Daily, monthly not even once in a blue moon. 
  2. Do things that reminds you of it. Like a watching a movie, or just the the color blue or the song on the radio. 
  3. Watch it. Like look at it for extended periods admiring it. 
  4. Search it. Don't google it, dont even bother about typing its name one the search  bar. 
  5. HOLD ON....  Here is where I realize that my latest attempted to GET OVER SOMETHING ELSE was because it REALLY REMINDED ME OF THIS.... jesus I'm having a breakdown here at 1:49am 

List to be updated...
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