Things that make life worth living...

1. Seeing someone's smile
2. Watch the rainbow after the rain
3. Drink cold water when you're really thirsty
4. Eat those sweet candys someone made for you, even when you don't like candy

5. Waking up every morning with the sunlight on your face
6. Spend all day doing nothing but everything you like
7. Buy a gum with the last 50 cents you have
8. Dress up your best friend as if she was a Barbie
9. Being mad at your parents and even though they still love you
10. Fight every 5 minutes with your sibblings but every 10 sec. you hug each other 
11. Listen to a song that brings old memories
13. Have dreams
14. And achieve them
15. Try to see  straight to the sun 
16. Found something you lost when you weren't looking for it
17. Being helped when you need it the most
18. Getting that call you were waiting for 

I bet, no.. I'm sure there's lots of other things but this list would be infinite if I could write them all down !!! 

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